Muted Nuts

Just in time for the Autumn season,
take a look at our Muted Nuts collection inspired makeup look!
This look is perfect for a muted smoky eye look and can work
as a natural daytime look as well!

🥜 Products Used 🥜
#23 Muted Nuts Eyeshadow Palette
#10 Muted Nuts Blending Mood Cheek Palette
#13 Cranberry Jam Fruity Lip Jam

How to

#23 Muted Nuts Eyeshadow Palette


Using a fluffy brush, apply #8 Chestnut to the outer crease to create a bit
of depth and shading just below the brow bone.

Apply the color #9 Acorn to the outer corner of the eyes and blend out with a fluffy brush, making sure there are no harsh lines.
The key is to have a smooth, smoky look!
Gently sweep the color #4 Rosy Pecan across the inner to the middle of the eyes, making sure to create a seamless blend with #9 Acorn.
A fluffy brush is perfect for blending.
For a bit of sparkle, apply #3 Nougat Cream to the center of the lids, to make the eyes appear wider or apply #2 Honey Granola to the inner corners of the eyes for a touch of glam that's perfect for evening and night looks!
 Dip into #9 Acorn with a thin, slanted brush and wing out the line for a subtle eyeliner look, or use Mood Slim Eyeliner for the perfect finishing touch.


What we love about this palette is how natural the colors look when
applied to the cheeks.
    For this look, we applied #4 Jujube Latte to the hollows of the cheek, right below the cheekbone to give the appearance of slimmer and more sculpted cheeks.
      We then blended it out with some #02 Toffee Nut and then applied a little bit of #01 Almond Milk along the cheek bone for some highlight


      This lip look is one of our favorites! It's super glossy but gives off a natural feel.
      Simply apply a light coat of the Fruity Lip Jam to your lips and you can layer it for more of a juicy, shiny look.

      In this look, we've used #13 Cranberry Jam

      What are your favourite products out of this collection?
      Be sure to let us know if you have any requested looks as well
         -Love from the Dasique Team❤️​

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