Knit Collection

Stay warm and cozy with Dasique's Beige and Violet Knit Collections
Inspired by the cozy knit sweaters that you take comfort in during the cold weather, these palettes are perfect for creating that "I'm Cold" look.


Whether you're looking for a warm toned or cool toned look, these palettes work well for both. For this look we've used shade 5 in Beige Knit and Violet Knit as a base for the eys and shade 8 in the Beige Knit Palette and Shade 9 of the Violet Knit palette for the outer corners of the eyes to create a bit of a darker shadow.

If you'd like to add some sparkle to the look, use one of our glitter shades as a topper and lightly dab with your finger for a bold look, or use a brush for a more dispersed natural look.


#05 Violet Knit

For a bit of a blush of color, pop on shade 4 of both cheek palettes as a deeper base and use the unique knit shade 2 as a second layer for more of a dimensional addition of color and highlight.


Cream de Rose  is such a perfect product for cozy looks.
What's special about this product is that it applies on as a cream product and gives a velvet matte finish, without leaving your lips dry. It's super hydrating and keeps your lips soft. 
Check out our US exclusive colors in shades 9 to 15
What are your cozy weather go to's?

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