Chocolate Fudge

🍫Melting Chocolate Fudge🍫
Learn how to recreate this luxurious chocolate inspired look with Dasique!

For this Melting Chocolate Fudge look, we used our Chocolate Fudge Palette, full of rich browns and golds.
First, cover the lids with #5 Blonde Chocolate as a base, blending out with 1 Cocoa Butter and 8 Dark Coverture into the inner corner and outer corner.
For a bit of shine, we topped off the looked with 3 Golden Wish on the center part of the eyelid and blended out gently with a fluffy brush.

Dasique products are great to mix and match to create different looks.
Our Beige Knit Cheek Palette goes great with this eyeshadow palette since it is made up of rich brown based coral tones and compliment each other nicely.
Use Shade 04 Coral Suede as an overall cheek look and swipe it gently along the cheekbones with a wide fluffy brush.
Create a deeper and more accented look by adding 02 Warm Argyle on top as well.


Water Blur Tint - Peach Squeeze Collection
For this look, we went for a matte, natural lip look by using our Water Blur Tint in color 04 Rosy Coral from the Peach Squeeze Collection.
What's great about this tint is that it's a water based color that applies smoothly to the lips and can be blended out with your finger to create a blurred, gradient lip color that goes well with all looks.
You can even mix and match shades : try putting one color down as a base and a darker color in the middle of the lips and blending out to create a more plump look.

What color are you most excited to try in our Chocolate Fudge Palette?

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